lic. iur. Barbara Schöpfer-Pfenninger

Education and activities:

Lic. iur. Barbara Schöpfer-Pfenninger concluded her studies at the University of Zurich with the J.D. in law in the year 1991. During her internship from 1992 until 1994 in a Zurich commercial law firm she acquired the bar exam of the Canton of Zurich in 1994. Subsequently she worked as attorney at law with Müllhaupt & Partners, since 1996 she is a partner.

Lic. iur. Barbara-Schöpfer-Pfenninger is head of our office in Uster which is specialised in construction law.

She disposes of a network that is composed of specialists like lawyers, architects, engeneers and other experts in this field.

Practise areas

Her preferred practise areas are the following:

The law of works and the law of mandates
Private construction law
The law of secondary domiciles
Labour law and torts
Contract law and company law
Real estate law
Inheritance law
Bankruptcy and debt enforcement law
National and international procedural law

International private law

Memberships and admissions:

Lic. iur. Barbara Schöpfer-Pfenninger is a member of the Zurich and the Swiss Bar Associations. She is registered in the lawyers' register and admitted as attorney at law to all courts in Switzerland.


German, English, French and Italian.