Legal Cloud

To snatch the telephone is rapidly made. However, if an attorney should be called, very often such call is too late. The damage has occurred, a delay has been missed, a claim has not been announced properly, a termination falsely pronounced, etc.

At what time have you critically reviewed your standard contracts and scrutinized your general business conditions? Are they by all means still compliant with actual law?

A lot of trouble and also financial damage could be avoided if a contact at the right time is established with your attorney

Therefore we offer  to SMS's to engage us as their external legal department, to be your legal CLOUD.

The concept of the legal CLOUD:

We get to know your firm and your economic and legal requirements. You will then acquire time balances of our law firm. The extent of this time-balance is decisive for the applicable hourly rate and rebates. You know that you may call us at any time and ask assistance without giving a lot of explanations first.

Please contact us for an nonbinding offer.

We are your legal CLOUD